How to Fix Unbootable Mac Hard Drive

fix unbootable Mac hard driveIf you are searching some clue to resolve Unbootable Mac hard disk then you are exactly at the right place!! Undoubtedly, Mac is one of the most reliable operating system across the world and that’s why it is so popular among people. Similar to Windows Mac hard drive is also divided into various logical drives in order to organize and access data smoothly. But glitches may happen to the hard drive which would create disturbing situation for you. Sometimes the hard disk crashes which results stop booting of Mac. As a result of this you wouldn’t be allowed to perform any work and it restricts in accessing of file from Mac. So, it is most essential to fix unbootable Mac hard drive.

fix unbootable Mac hard drive 

Probable Causes Responsible for Mac Failed to Boot

  • When there is deletion of system files occur.
  • Due to malfunction of OS.
  • File system damaged.
  • Driver issues.
  • Re-partitioning the hard drive improperly.
  • Formation of bad sector.
  • Hardware problem etc.

Any of these above mentioned reason could make hard drive refuses to boot. But the important point is how you overcome from this situation.

Best Way to Resolve Unbootable Mac Hard Drive

Since, there are disk diagnostic programs provided by Mac through which you can get rid of hard drive issues. disk utility and fsck are such utilities which can be used in case of hard drive failed to boot scenario. But if the problem still persist then formatting is the only option. Hard disk format may create file loss circumstance. The condition become more troublesome if there is no proper backup with you. Under such critical situation Mac Data Recovery Software is an ultimate solution for restoring the missing file. It is pioneering in recovering data from damaged Mac hard drive. It retrieves the lost file without modifying the original content. This tool is embedded with cutting edge scanning algorithm which repairs and restores the damaged files conveniently. Hence, with this tool resolve Mac hard drive that won’t boot successfully.

Procedure for Resolving Mac Hard Drive That Won’t Boot

Step 1 : First download and install Mac Data Recovery Software.

 fix time machine does not recognize hard drive

Step 2 : After that choose the volume for repairing.

 fix time machine does not recognize hard drive

Step 3 : Now you have to select the file types.

 fix time machine does not recognize hard drive

Step 4 : You get the preview of scanning.

 fix time machine does not recognize hard drive

Step 5 : Finally, select the location for storing the recovered files.

 fix time machine does not recognize hard drive fix unbootable Mac hard drive

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