Mac Data Recovery: Retrieve Files from Dead Mac Hard Drive

Got your hard drive crashed? Need an immediate recovery, know it how? Hard drive is used as an internal storage for storing various files such as multimedia files, music, word documents, pictures, images etc. But due to various corruption issues it get corrupted and people are no longer able to store files that are stored inside it. there are numerous ways which are responsible for damaging of hard drive such as virus or Trojan attack, software or hardware failure, accidentally erasing of files, downloading various files online etc. Hence any of the above mentioned reason finally results in damaging various files from it. Sometimes due to various human error, people suffer a heavy data loss. Once hard drive get damaged,we should immediately stop using the device and do not save any new files on it. It is strongly recommended to remove any external device which is attached with it. Though backup plays a good role in dealing with such problem. But in case if there is no backup. Then it is better to use a Mac data recovery software.

What to Do Next: Use Mac Data Recovery Software

Data loss from hard drive is a serious issue and therefore should not be neglected. User should immediately start using a reliable data recovery software if they need to restore their corrupted files from hard disk. Many data recovery software are present in the market but all may not prove to be reliable and effective one. Mac data recovery software is an easy available software and can be even free downloaded and installed. It even does not allow and experts or professionals for easy retrieval of corrupted files from hard drive. It uses its powerful scanning algorithm and repairs the corrupted hard-dive files. It also displays user a complete preview of the files before recovery process starts up. At last it restores the files in a location as per user choice. Moreover it also works on restoring files from other media such as iPods, pen drives, cell phones, memory card etc. Mac data recovery software supports recovery from all Mac versions.

User Guide: How to Use Mac Data Recovery Software

Mac user can easily use the steps given below to retrieve their valuable files from the corrupted or dead Mac hard drive:

Step 1: Download Mac data recovery software and click “Recover Data” icon present on the main interface of the Mac data recovery software to retrieve your lost files from Mac hard drive.

Step 2: We see that the drive recovery has four sub modules. Then click on “Quick Recovery” under “Drive Recovery” tab.


Step 3: Now choose the desired volume and click on the right arrow present in the bottom right corner of the screen to scan your corrupted hard drive.

Step 4: The progress bar displays that scanning is completed.

Step 5: The scan results also displays in the left pane in three type of file views, “Classic List”, “File List” and “Filter List”. Choose the desired view to sort your files and then type a file name in the “Search” bar to search for the specific file.

Step 6: Now right click on a file and then select “Quick Look” to have preview of the files with OS X’s Quick look. Then click “Recover” option to recover your selected files.

Step 7: We will also see that the software displays preview of the selected file with “Quick Look”.

Step 8: Choose the files and folders which is corrupted and need to be recovered and then click on “recover” option to start your recovery.

Step 9: Select a location to save your desired files in the “Open Directory” dialogue and then click on “Choose”.

Step 10: Then you will get option to save recovered files on the same drive. It is highly recommended to select a different location.

Step 11: It is observed that the software saves the selected files in the location as specified.



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