Mac File Recovery : Recover Accidentally Deleted Files from Dead Mac Hard Drive

Sometimes while working on Mac PC, people often delete those files which are stored inside Mac and are useless. Such files once deleted get stored in the trash. There also arises a situation when user search for some files and notices that one of their important files missing. There can be various reason responsible for deletion of files from Mac. Some reason are :

  • Pressing the “delete all” button
  • Accidentally formatting the Mac volumes
  • Corruption of the file system

Hence when any of the files get deleted from the Mac drive. It get stored in the trash. The files does get lost forever. Only the space is available to save new data. The deleted files still remains there and can be easily recovered until it get overwritten by a new one. One should also store backup of the files as it helps in retrieving the files at the time of data loss. If there is no backup, then it become a serious problem. There is no other way better than a trusted data recovery tool for instant Mac file recovery.

Precaution to Be followed Before Recovery

Some of the precaution to be followed while performing the recovery process are:

  • Stop using the Mac drive
  • Never save any new file as this may result in overwriting of the old files
  • Do no install any new software

How to Get Back the accidentally deleted files

When any files get deleted from the Mac drive, one should immediately search for a data recovery software. Mac data recovery software is a powerful data recovery software recommended by most of the experts and professionals. It is easily available software and has advanced ability to restore any type of corrupted files. The software is also available in two versions that is demo as well as licensed version. It demo version can be easily download to check how it works. It also easily restore data in both HFS, HFS+ FILE system as well. It thoroughly scans the entire Mac drive and check for the files to be recovered. Then it displays a complete preview of the files when scanning process completes over. Once also get option to save their files in the location as per their choice.

User Guide: How to Use Mac Data Recovery Software

Step 1: Download Mac data recovery software and then click on “ Recover Data” icon present on the main interface of the mac data recovery software.

Step 2: It is observed that the recovery drive has four submodules. Now click on “Quick Recovery” under “drive recovery” tab.

Step 3: Select the desired drive and then click on the right arrow which is present in the bottom of the right corner of the screen to scan the corrupted hard drive.

Step 4: we will see that the progress bar displays that scanning is completed.


Step 5: it also displays that in the left pane the three types of files views, “ Classic List”, “ File List” and “ Filter List”. Select the desired view to sort the files and then type a file name in the “search”bar to search the file.

Step 6: Then right click on a file and then click on the “ Quick Look” to have preview of the files with OS X’s quick look. Click on the “Recover” option to recover your files.

Step 7: The software displays preview of the selected file with “Quick Look”.

Step 8: Select the corrupted files and folders and then click on the “Recover” option to start the recovery process.

Step 9: Choose a location to save your desired files in the “open directory” dialogue and then click on the “choose” option.

Step 10: You will also get option to save your recovered file in different location.

Step 11: The software saves the selected files in the location as specified.

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